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My galaxy S8 is fully functional only thing is the front screen has a few scratches on it how can i get past that?

download an app to ignore the screen I'm sure you have paid your dues not to have to worry about some littlie thing like that being the difference between $50 and $5


A thin layer of bug spray or wd40 will fill the scratches...used to work for me




Do you have to have batteries and backs for all the phones

No i dont have batteries or backs to some of my phones.


What are tricks I can use on the ecoatm?

What are tricks I can use on the ECOATM


Promo codes Peter, more cash, appleinsider


Tape on broken phones


I dont know Hhgh GB b.c. bf


I would like to know...please and thank you


Don't know really know if any


Totally trashed new iPhones say it doesn't work and set it in the marked area. Still get good money


How jkcfykbcggy




How can i get the most from eco atm if phone is google locked

How can I get the most money?


Turn phone off and then hold down power and one of the volume buttons (diff for every manufacturer), the menu where u can factory data reset the phone and then select the USB option. Should be able to communicate with the device and then just connect to the ecoatm machine and go through the process. I've done this multiple times. I believe I enter the menu while the phone is connected now that I think about it....


Seems like $5 os all it gives


How would you rate this application?

Good as ever ok


Do you know any tricks, hacks or codes?

Amandabirchard0316 (code) TylerMotley1239 (code) Each will give you an extra $5 to any offer of at least $1 at the ecoatm


No I do not know any


No I don't. I need


No i dont now any hacks


No can you tell me


What is the best way to earn resources quickly in the game/app?



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About ecoATM

Curious to know what your phone is worth? What about those phones in the drawer or in a box that are no longer being used?

The ecoATM application provides an ecoEstimate for your current devices value as well as alternate devices value. Manage a list of multiple devices to see their current ecoEstimates. Check your devices versus 3 various selectable grades!

Ready to recycle your device at 1 of our kiosks nationwide? Use the ecoATM locator feature to find the kiosk closest to you with exact space and shop hours included.

Prepare Your Phone feature allows users to prepare their phone for resale at an ecoATM kiosk. This feature writes a file with your phones system configuration which can be read by the kiosk during the electrical inspection to provide you the maximum value for your device at our 1 of our kiosks.

Please be aware you must be 18 years or older, and have a valid state ID in order to sell a device to an ecoATM.

New Features: Bug fixes for better device support

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